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Tennessee Holy Water has been told their music is “too southern for metal, and too hard for country,” but the Nashville-based band exists on the spectrum nonetheless. Headed up by Jesse Vickers (lead vocals, guitar) and alongside Aaron Hogan (Guitar, vocals), Dave Boles (guitar, vocals), , Joseph Evans (bass, vocals) and AJ Cremins (drums). The five-piece pays homage to their whiskey-soaked roots and the humbling rise from garage band to break out country rock band.

Two years after its inception, the band is embarking on releasing original music in 2023 amidst a busy live performance schedule. “Our approach to writing music is like a culmination of everything going wrong- like Murphy’s Law with notes,” the band says. Inside the chaos, themes explored include organic life experiences and a strong sense of storytelling for the masses. The listening journey along the way is sure to be a culmination of rock, blues, and country elements that blow the roof off your expectations.

Screen Shot 2023-01-05 at 3.50.41 PM.jpg


Jesse Vickers

 Lead Vocals

Joseph Evans

Bass Guitar

Background Vocals

Dave Voles

Lead Guitar

Rhythm Guitar

Background Vocals

Aaron Hogan

Lead Guitar

Rhythm Guitar

Background Vocals

AJ Cremins


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